Life Cycle of the Bed Bug

Circadian rhythm of the bed bug and the best discoveries are accidental

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How do multi family complexes remain bed bug free?

The answer to this question is multifaceted and there are many key points to keep in mind. However there are three main components: cooperation from the tenant, cooperation from the landlord, and an exterminator willing to do a good job

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Bed bugs and landlords

As a landlord I was utterly horrified when I received news of bed bugs in my apartment block. And the more I read about these bugs the more concerned and stressed I became. I thought bed bugs only happened to slum lords!

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Host cues and feeding patterns of bed bugs

We learned earlier that wild bed bugs starved for a week and subsequently placed in an open climb up interceptor (with zero harbourage available) would generally follow an awake / sleep pattern corresponding to the sleep patterns of the most recent host.

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Winnipeg Bed Bug Heating by Leon Wieler


Heat Sterilization

Furniture and electronics can be heat treated to kill all stages of bed bugs. You can move from an infested home to a new home bug free while keeping your belongings.


Multi Family Bed Bug Specialist

Multi family settings require cooperation from the landlord, tenant, and the exterminator. If one of these areas fail all money spent is wasted. We work hand in hand with the landlord to get results. This cooperation also reduces overall cost.


Standard Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments have been the mainstay of bed bug control for many years. It is a tool in the exterminator's tool box that should not be ignored.


Integrated Pest Management (ipm)

We take IPM seriously. Education and prevention is the backbone of bed bug control. If bugs must be addressed we use heat, chemical, baiting via the tenant, mechanical trapping, tenant education, and extensive monitoring. The cost is very reasonable if the landlord's employees / homeowner's work are incorporated into the plan and the results are excellent.

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