About Leon Wieler

Who is Leon Wieler.

Leon and Heather have lived with their family in inner city Winnipeg since 2002.  We decided that it was important to do our part in addressing human inequality by deliberately moving to, and raising our family in, a poor area.

The issues arising in the community became our issues because we were directly impacted by them.   Many things we do are low profile such as regularly scrubbing graffiti, picking up the garbage, sweeping the back lane yearly, operating our apartment block with lower than market rents while ensuring the suite condition is exemplary, and working with other community activists /authorities to close 9 crack houses within eye sight of our home (living beside a crack house is definitely not safe or pleasant).

?In 2007 we had the first case of bed bugs in our apartment block and Leon applied his customary vigour into that subject and self-taught himself the extermination business. Leon read every scrap of information he could find and did his own experiments to further the knowledge. One might describe Leon’s laser like focus on bed bugs as Aspergian. Leon now has treated thousands of bed bug infested suites with a specialty in inner city settings where the cooperation is often very poor. Leon’s work with bed bugs resulted in:

  • Heat sterilizing Canada’s first load of furniture in a home-made mobile heat trailer in 2007/8.
  • Developed a modified glue board trap 8x more effective than the industry standard Climb Up Interceptor
  • Developed a special bed that attracts all bugs into disposable cardboard. This device by itself, under the right circumstances, can rid a home of all bed bugs.  In a setting where there have been years of unsuccessful treatments the disposable cardboard collected 5000 bugs in one month while monthly steaming and vacuuming killed about 70 bugs per month.
  • Developed a passive monitor 5-10x better than the leading brand BB Alert.
  • Developed a pit fall trap 8x better than the industry standard Climb Up Interceptor
  • Written approximately 200 articles on bed bugs from the perspective of inner city landlord and exterminator.
  • Rid a suite of bed bugs that had been previously treated unsuccessfully for 2.5 years using nothing but cardboard and glue board despite poor tenant cooperation. Collected 14,400 bugs in the process
  • Rid 2 two inner city apartment blocks of bed bugs that had uncontrolled bed bugs for 5+ years using an integrated approach.