03 Apr Climb Up Interceptors : Do They Work?

    The short answer is “yes” and we have used about 40 large cases of these devices in our business thus far. A better question would be what is their ideal use and what are the limitations? The biggest limitation of these devices is that bed bugs are repelled from a slippery edge pitfall […]

02 Apr Circadian rhythm of the bed bug and the best discoveries are accidental

A few years ago I was doing some dry ice (carbon dioxide attractant) experimentation with Susan Mcknight’s Climb up interceptors in a rental suite and found that the device really did work. Unfortunately the tenant complained that during periodic inspections the Interceptor was found to trap bugs but also lose bugs. There would be perhaps […]

02 Apr How do multi family complexes remain bed bug free?

How do multi family complexes remain bed bug free?   The answer to this question is multifaceted and there are many key points to keep in mind. However there are three main components: cooperation from the tenant, cooperation from the landlord, and an exterminator willing to do a good job. All three people have a […]

02 Apr Bed bugs and landlords

Bed bugs and landlords   As a landlord I was utterly horrified when I received news of bed bugs in my apartment block. And the more I read about these bugs the more concerned and stressed I became. I thought bed bugs only happened to slum lords! How could this happen in my building? How […]

28 Mar Bed Bugs Mattress Dragging in the Alley

Bed Bugs Mattress Dragging in the Alley

12 Mar Who gets bed bugs in my apartment block?

Winnipeg Bed Bug

As a hands on landlord I know my tenants quite well. We got our very first case of bed bugs in 2007 via used furniture. I educated my tenants about that issue and since then my tenants have stopped bringing in used furniture. But we still averaged about two cases of bed bugs per year […]

11 Mar Sleep Tight Exterminations LTD

Hello and welcome to the new home of Sleep Tight Exterminations LTD. Check back for more updates.

11 Mar Welcome to Winnipeg Bed Bug Heating – Leon Wieler

Hello im Leon Wieler, the owner and operator of Sleep Tight Exterminations LTD. I’m here to help you with your Winnipeg bed bug issues. Check back soon for news and updates to our new website. Thank you, Leon Wieler Sleep Tight Exterminations LTD