05 Mar Pesticide Resistance and Exterminator Practice

Back in 2008 a single course of Permethrin, mixed at label rates and applied as per label directions, could get rid of bed bugs in a single treatment. Sometimes I would treat a baseboard and find dead bed bugs less than 18 inches from the baseboard. The resistant ones made it a few feet. Over […]

28 Dec Integrated pest management, cockroaches, and bed bugs

Over the years I have noted that bed bug infestations are easier to treat if the tenant has a bed with box spring and legs. The bugs, at least in smaller infestations, start by infesting the raw wood and cloth folds in the mattress edges and box spring which reduces spread to other areas of […]

08 Oct A comparison of two different beds and their ability to hold onto bed bugs.

In the last few months I was privileged to be involved in treating two suites with slightly different beds. Both beds were melamine construction box frame (sitting on the floor) queen sized beds with wooden slats under the mattress (no box spring). Both suites were comparably infested with bugs limited more or less to the […]

23 Sep Field observations of modified glue boards and regular glue boards

One of my landlord customers has been monitoring a large building and one of the suites contained zero furniture except for a very small stuffed chair and a thin area carpet. The scant furniture and lack of obvious sleeping area created problems for monitoring so random flat trapper max glue boards were placed in the […]

20 Jun Following bed bug preparation instructions and differences in ability

Over the years I have noted that some people find it easy to follow instructions, some people find instructions difficult, and some outright refuse to follow instructions. Sometimes it is easy to figure out who can or can not follow instructions. For example a morbidly obese lady with no feet will have difficulty doing just […]

15 Jun Mental health and bed bugs

Having lived in Winnipeg’s inner city for 14 years I have gained a fair bit of “street” wisdom. For example when a woman asks you for the “time” it is simply a precursor to sexual solicitation. Or if a man panhandling on the corner with a sign that says “homeless – please help” it is […]

01 May Professional lab testing the modified glue board trap

Over the years we have used glue board traps extensively and trained landlords on how to build and use them as well. We have noted that it is entirely possible, given the right circumstances and tenant cooperation, to remove all bed bugs from a suite with nothing more than heat sterilizing the beds and stuffed […]

15 Apr How long do the glue board traps last?

There are a number of factors that influence how long a glue board will be effective at catching bed bugs. When new they work very well but age, UV damage, dirt, and the severity of the infestation play a role in their longevity. I have noted that glue boards exposed directly to sunlight turn yellow […]

18 Mar Temperature and baiting bed bugs

We know that the bed bug metabolism speeds up in warmer temperatures causing more frequent feeding and shorter life span. On one occasion I took advantage of that quirk when a man in care facility insisted on keeping his suite at 30 celcius on a regular basis. The infestation was well advanced which usually means […]

12 Mar Bed bugs, businessmen, and the Intellectual

I spent many years in University and one the most enduring tidbits of knowledge I gleaned came about through Edward Said’s lectures entitled “Representations of the Intellectual.” Said suggests that the role of the modern intellectual is to move beyond self interest and speak truth to vested interests on the “basis of universal principles” (p11). […]