Following bed bug preparation instructions and differences in ability

Over the years I have noted that some people find it easy to follow instructions, some people find instructions difficult, and some outright refuse to follow instructions. Sometimes it is easy to figure out who can or can not follow instructions. For example a morbidly obese lady with no feet will have difficulty doing just about anything. This lady will require assistance. Some people are poorly educated and can not read. These folks will require verbal instructions. These instances are relatively clear about what will be required for assistance.

On the other hand I have noted that some university students (apparently well educated), while good at school work, could not follow or understand bed bug protocols if you paid them. Talking bed bug strategies with these folks and it is like talking to a wall. Conversely some poorly educated folks with menial jobs are whip smart with ability to follow instructions. Sometimes I talk bed bugs with these folks and you can see the light in their eyes and they can sense three steps ahead what I am going to say. I like these folks.

I think that people’s intelligence is measured like a comb with uneven teeth. An engineering student might be great at math but far below average in reasoning. Or a person who failed grade 6 can be amazing at repairing engines and thinking outside the box. Sometimes I forget the above information and am flabbergasted when I find a well adjusted intelligent person simply incapable of following instructions. I have to stop and remind myself that it might not be a question of his refusing to follow instructions – it might be because they really can’t. The teeth on his intelligence comb are very short in that spot.

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