16 Jan Bed sized bug trap – an evaluation

Last week I had an enquiry on my web site about a product called “bed sized bug trap”. I didn’t know anything about it so I looked it up. Apparently it is a large bed sheet that drapes over the bed with a sticky barrier around the perimeter. The theory is to prevent bugs from […]

01 Jan Moving without bedbugs and customer language barriers

Several years ago I established a partnership with a local nonprofit group that assists newcomers with adjusting to life in Canada. The non profit deliberately hired a wide variety of employees with a range of language capabilities to facilitate their work so I thought we could partner effectively with translation. Moving without bed bugs actually […]

05 Dec Dragnet (pemethrin) and Tempo (cyfluthrin) – advantages and disadvantages

I switched from Dragnet to Tempo many years ago because Tempo appeared to have a better residual. But I still use Dragnet from time to time. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each: Dragnet positives: dries clear so it is easier to make applications look invisible label directions are more permissive allowing broader […]

28 Nov Field observations of pesticide resistance

I was asked to treat a suite that had been unsuccessfully chemically treated for two and a half years – that would be 30 unsuccessful treatments. The landlord hired Bug-n-Scrub to spend an entire day vacuuming, steaming, and doing laundry and the next day I spent 1.75 hours thoroughly chemically treating the suite with Tempo […]

05 Nov Can bed bugs walk on a razor blade?

  I have noticed that bed bugs don’t easily fall into pitfall traps. The primary behaviour is to hang on to the top edge of the trap and go round and round. As a lark I decided to see what would happen if I made a pitfall trap out of a box cutter blade – […]

02 Oct Why do bed bugs disperse?

I specialize in inner city multi family bed bugs and have treated thousands of suites to date. Almost from the very beginning we chose to treat only suites that had actual bed bugs and simply monitored surrounding suites with climbup interceptors or modified glue boards. We  found that dispersal to neighbouring suites was actually quite rare […]

30 Sep Climbup interceptor versus blackout detector

I have used the Climbup Interceptor extensively since it was first produced. I have noted that bed bugs were occasionally found harbouring on the outside of the Interceptor in field use. I did some experimenting with the device in my little lab and found that the Interceptor did indeed have a fair bit of repellency […]

28 Sep George Orwell’s 1984 and bed bugs

It had been several years since I had read Orwell and perchance I brought a copy of 1984 along on holidays. As someone rather obsessed with bed bugs over the last few years I was surprised to find five references to bed bugs that contained what I considered pretty reasonable understanding of the bed bug. […]

26 Aug Blind people and bed bug harbourage choice.

After treating a few thousand suites I have a pretty good idea of what to expect and where the bugs will be located. On one occasion I had the opportunity to treat a blind person’s suite. There were certainly some bed bug presentation commonalities to other suites but this suite also had a fair number […]

24 Jul Bed bugs and mixed housing

My family and I, armed with degrees in International Development and Conflict Resolution, moved to the inner city 13 year ago with the intent of making a difference in the community. Perhaps we would never make a large difference but we would do our part. My university training suggested that poverty and social problems were […]