Dragnet (pemethrin) and Tempo (cyfluthrin) – advantages and disadvantages

I switched from Dragnet to Tempo many years ago because Tempo appeared to have a better residual. But I still use Dragnet from time to time. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Dragnet positives:

  • dries clear so it is easier to make applications look invisible
  • label directions are more permissive allowing broader use
  • great for dark colored cabinets and black leather couches – applies invisibly
  • due to its emulsifiable concentrate formulation it is better than Tempo when hitting bugs directly. The bugs receive an even coating of chemical on their bodies

Dragnet negatives:

  • emulsifiable concentrate reduces the surface tension properties of the water carrier so it does not bead and slowly soak into the top of a baseboard crack
  • less residual

Tempo positives

  • better dry residual than Dragnet
  • great surface tension action when attempting to have chemical seep into the top of a small crack

Tempo negatives

  • the formulation is a water non soluable powder that presents as a dull white powder when dry. Can look ugly if not applied with care.
  • Impossible to treat a dark cherry cabinet without looking like a child’s attempt at lipstick
  • tighter label directions make it less versatile
  • not as good for hitting bugs directly as the powder can wash off the bug’s body during application
  • need a fair bit of experience with a sprayer to avoid an ugly looking job

As you can see both chemicals have advantages and disadvantages. Given the increasing amount of resistance to dry residuals I might have to reconsider going back to Dragnet. If the better dry residual of Tempo is increasingly negated with resistance issues I might want to at least have the better killing action of the emulsifiable concentrate Dragnet hitting bugs directly. On the other hand it is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Eventually all the pyrethroids are doomed to ineffectiveness due to resistance issues.

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