Bed bug inspections and alternatives to a king size bed

When my wife and I were married 20 odd years ago we decided that we would purchase a new king size bed. It was very awkward to move and weighed a ton. But as long as it was sitting in it’s place it worked very nicely. But in the last few years I took it upon myself to check for bed bugs periodically which meant turning everything upside down. That king size mattress was now a royal pain as it was extraordinarily difficult to move around.

When it came time to replace that king size bed there were a number of factors that went into deciding what we would purchase. Firstly we liked the size of the king size bed but despised it’s royal awkwardness when moving it regularly. Secondly when one person turns over while sleeping we did not want it to bother the other person so we needed to consider that aspect. Also we needed to agree on what firmness of mattress we wanted.

To accommodate all these desires we decided that we would purchase two single extra long beds and put them side by side. The size of both beds together just happened to be exactly the same size as a single king size bed – nice! Even the old king size sheets fit! Two separate mattresses also allowed us to choose whatever mattress each person wanted – also nice. And while sleeping we could toss and turn without bothering the other person – extra nice.

The bonus with two beds also adds extra ribbing/seams down the middle of the mattress which bed bugs would very much appreciate. The extra harbourage, in the event of an infestation, encourages the bed bugs harbour in the bed instead of our dressers and clothes. And finally when it comes to inspections the single mattresses are much easier to move and inspect.

Two single extra long mattresses have a long list of benefits when a king size bed is required. Perhaps, in the age of bed bugs, it is time for the monstrous king size mattress to go the way of the dodo bird.

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