Comparing the modified interceptor to the modified glue board and the standard interceptor


Back in 2016 I blogged about Richard Naylor’s comparison of the modified glue board and the climb up interceptor. That experiment showed the modified glue board caught 24 out of 30 bugs in a two week period while the Interceptor, under identical conditions, caught 3 out of 30 bugs – an 8 to 1 performance boost.

During the same trial Richard also evaluated my modified Climb Up Interceptor that I had developed via experimentation. The modified Interceptor, again under identical conditions to the glue board and standard interceptor, caught 23 out of 30 bugs – a nearly 8x performance boost over the standard Climb Up Interceptor.

I had earlier compared the Climb Up Interceptor to the Lights Out device by Jeff White and found the interceptor outperformed Lights Out device by a factor of 10 (see earlier blog in that regard). The bed bug Moat, another Interceptor knock off, seemed to fare about as well as the Lights Out device – poorly. As such my modified Interceptor stands head and shoulder above any pit fall bed leg trap on the market.

To this point I have been using modified glue boards when I need bed leg traps but they do have the downfall of being difficult to mass produce and store – they need to be made on site.  On the other hand they are a proven product and they really work so I stick with them.  If someone is interested in purchasing the design of the modified interceptor I would be willing to sell.  I am sure independent testing could be arranged.

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