Dumpster diving and pawn shops

I was walking along my inner city back alley and I noticed a man going through all the apartment block dumpsters – some of which I knew had uncontrolled bed bug problems. The man seemed to be very pleased with himself and he began a conversation with me. The man stated that it was amazing what people threw away and was helping himself to the treasures. I did not want to burst his bubble too badly but I had to mention that he would probably bring bed bugs home if he continued with his dumpster diving. The man stated: “Oh I don’t bring the stuff home – I take it straight to the pawn shop.” I was surprised, shocked, and impressed simultaneously. I thought that 10 years of inner city living had made me street wise but I found I still have lots to learn.

I have always considered pawn shops to be suspect for bed bugs but now I am even more suspicious. That beautiful item in the pawn shop might have come from a high risk multi family dumpster.

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