When you first discover bed bugs the most important word is STOP

Most people, when they find a bed bug, are quite perturbed and panic sets in. Panic is not conducive to good decisions and most of the remedial actions taken in a panic induced state do more harm than good. The following are common mistakes:


1. Pull the bed away from the wall to expose the bugs. If he bugs are exposed to open air for  15 minutes the bugs will hide elsewhere

2. The bed is sprayed with RAID causing the bugs to scatter throughout the building

3.The bed is dragged outside causing the bugs to be scattered throughout the hallways

4. The bed sheets are hastily pulled off the bed causing the bugs to be flung around the room

5. The bed sheets and blankets are immediately put in the washer without any effort to ensure the bugs do not fall off in a different part of the building.

6. The tenant decides to sleep elsewhere which causes some of the bugs to follow the host to other parts of the home


All six actions listed above are very common and cause immense harm. If you do not know what to do remember the word STOP. Do nothing without knowledge and a plan. And follow your exterminator’s instructions carefully.

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