Internet filled with bogus bed bug remedies

Back in 2007 Sleep Tight Exterminators Ltd was being created. As a bed bug specialist I thought I had the perfect name. I paid money to reserve my corporate name and I thought others could not infringe on that. Since then I noticed many products with “sleep tite” name coming onto the market and they were usually pure junk. For example there is a now a sleep tight spray that “gets rid of bed bugs with no chemicals” and only costs 20 bucks. All you have to do is spray the surface of the mattress and wala – the bugs are gone (that was sarcasm). There are other equally useless products out there as well.

So when it came time to make my web site and blog I no longer wanted to be associated with “sleep tight” as my cute name was being ruined by these hucksters. Therefore I created “Winnipeg Bed Bug Heating” as my web site name. I figured it would be hard to associate such a specific name with junk products. Unfortunately I recently googled my name and found that people are managing to attach even more junk product to the work I publish on my blog. Unfortunately I am not a computer expert so I don’t know how to make that stop. So beware the miracle bed bug product – even if my name is somehow attached to it.

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