Moving vans and bed bugs

As an exterminator I have noted more than a few egregious examples of people using moving vans for hauling infested belongings because they did not want to infest their own vehicles. The next person to use these vans is at great risk for contracting bed bugs. As such I refuse to use these vans. The situation improves a bit in cooler weather as the bugs become dormant below 13 celcius. At least in winter the bugs in the van won’t actively move to the next person’s furniture.

Moving companies have a similar problem with infested clients. If infested clients are moved in the mover’s truck the next person is at risk. Especially dangerous are those cloth blankets that are designed to protect the furniture. The bugs would love those blankets and they are then draped over the next person’s belongings – not nice. Once again I refuse to use these services in summer and they are a bit safer in winter due to the bed bugs dormancy in cold temperatures.

Even new furniture is at risk of infestation when it is delivered in an infested delivery truck. To get around that problem I always test the sales person in the store and ask if they will pick up my old furniture and take it away when they deliver the new furniture. If the sales person states they can take my old furniture I immediately refuse to use their services. Who knows how many infested mattresses have been on that truck? If the sales person states they can not take used furniture (for whatever reason) I then feel safe to use their delivery service.

Generally speaking I tend to pick up my own purchases with my own truck whenever possible. My memory of watching infested material being loaded into a van continues to bother me greatly.

It would be nice if moving companies had their trucks periodically heat sterilized. Perhaps the heating could be offered as an option. I would gladly pay extra for a freshly sterilized truck. I suspect most people would not pay for the service and therefore the equipment could never pay for itself. As such I don’t think such a service will ever be offered.

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