New washing machines and bed bugs

The washing machine in my home recently broke down and I purchased and new one. I went down to the store and bought the brand that my repair man recommended. Unfortunately this brand recently converted all their machines to conserve water and energy with water, load, and temperature sensors. The result is that the machines never really fill with water and the maximum temperature allowed is 115f. Given that bed bugs die reliably at 122f I found the above information disturbing. I also found it disturbing that clothing would not be immersed in the water which might allow the bugs to survive.

I called the manufacturer for advice and they stated they were mandated by government standards with a maximum temperature of 115f. I asked if these rules applied to their commercial coin operated machines and they answered affirmatively. Can you imagine a washing machine in multi family settings that can not kill bed bugs? Wow! What a bad idea!! I will be selling my current “new” machine cheap and looking elsewhere.

I did some research and found a manufacturer that concentrates on high quality machines. Their machines have minimum electronics, fewer features, knobs and buttons for controls, and cost twice as much – and I can use whatever temperature water I want. Though these machines cost more up front the lack of sensors and features will reduce the necessity of repairs so I figure in the long run the more expensive / no feature machines will be cheaper. And they actually kill bed bugs too.

Be careful what you buy. Just because it is new and improved does not make it better.

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