Observations of bed bugs on lace curtains

We were treating a heavily infested suite today and noticed bed bugs up on the top edge of the lace curtains by the window. We carefully took the curtains down and I showed the tenant the bugs by opening the folds and pleats. As I exposed an adult bed bug I noticed that it immediately squeezed through the lace holes and burrowed into the  deeper layers of fabric.  I have noted that burrowing behaviour in the past with bugs attempting to burrow into the fibrous dust sheet stapled to the bottom of a box spring. In this case where there was an actual opportunity to get through the fiber the bug actively did so and burrowed to the inside. In another instance I noted a bed bug in flight mode on a persons pants that burrowed behind a belt.

What we learn here is that bed bugs in flight mode will actively burrow into hiding spots when disturbed. As such once a bed bug is on your clothing a simple shake or stomp (chicken dance) is very unlikely to dislodge the critters. Removing your clothing is the only realistic option if you notice bugs on your clothes.

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