Which suites in an apartment block are at highest risk of bed bug infestation?

Assuming that there are no prevention or education programs in an apartment building there are some suites that are at a higher risk of infestation. There are three main categories of bed bug spread that influence how that spread occurs (raid spraying, mattress dragging, and inappropriate laundry use).


Tenants who self treat with RAID, or similar products, tend to push bugs to other suites. The most common directions the bugs move are across the hall and to the suite below. So selecting a suite on the top floor would be the least risky.


Dragging infested mattresses down the hall is very dangerous. The Bugs simply fall off the mattress as it is bumped down the hallway and the bugs simply go under the closest door. I have personally seen a single mattress infest seven additional suites in a single incident. As such the best suites would be at the end of the hallways on upper floors far away from the elevator. If there is no elevator the worst suites would be at the end of the hallways where the mattresses are bumped down the stairs. Additionally the suites close to the common mattress dumping beside the dumpster would be at higher risk because the bugs will climb right back into the building.


And lastly the suites surrounding the laundry room have more bugs because tenants shake the bugs out of their clothing onto the floor before putting them into the machines.


So if I had to choose I would pick the suite on the top floor at the end of a hallway far away from the elevator as least likely to be infested due to inappropriate tenant actions. The worst suites would be close to the dumpster where the unwrapped infested mattresses are dumped, beside the laundry room, and beside the elevator on the main floor.


These dangers do not need to exist. With proper education and prevention measures a landlord can reduce the likelihood of bed bug spread due to improper tenant actions immeasurably. Notice the exterminator can do nothing about this problem. This is a clear cut landlord management issue.

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